Building fundable Women SMEs

Investment Readiness

Access to Market

Policy & Psychosocial Support


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Program steps


Growth4Her beneficiaries go through a 6 Months support process which begins with application and selection. 

The application portal is open for 6 weeks for every new Cohort. Beneficiaries are expected to answer basic, personal and psychometric questions which enable our expert team to tailor the program curriculum and content to the needs of the to be selected beneficiaries. 

Through an application process, we select the best candidates to participate in the Cohort. Cohort sizes range from 15-25 and post-selection last for a 12-16 week duration during which beneficiaries receive:

Investment readiness training 

Public Policy Awareness and training

Psychosocial consultations

Access to various experts through Business Clinics

Post the Accelerator, G4Her beneficiaries are introduced to investors and provided with market linkages so as to increase their growth potential.

Invest in Her

Request our portfolio and invest in women-owned and led SMEs with high success and growth potential.

Become A Volunteer

Work with us to support African women SMEs

Partner with Us

Are you interested in funding or running a Growth4Her Cohort for Women SMEs in your community, contact us at [email protected]
Fund Assistance

Assistance to Foundations is Help to People

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We Create Savings Funds

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Giving Help Fund


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